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What makes a hero?

Lucille Ball always loved to laugh. When she was a kid, some people thought it wasn’t proper for a girl to be funny. But Lucy was a born comedian, and she always did what came naturally. From the first time she stood on stage, she knew she wanted to be a performer for the rest of her life—and she never gave up on her dream. Because she could use humor to solve any problem, Lucy grew up to be one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

This lively, New York Times bestselling biography series inspires kids to dream big, one great role model at a time. We can all be heroes!

"Kids always search for heroes, so we might as well have a say in it,” Brad Meltzer realized, and so he envisioned this friendly, fun approach to biography—for his own kids, and for yours. Each book tells the story of one of America’s icons in a vivacious, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers, those who aren’t quite ready for the Who Was biography series. Each book focuses on a particular character trait that made that role model heroic. For example, Lucille Ball could make any situation funny. By making people around the world laugh, she proved that humor can take on anything.

I Am Lucille Ball

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