I Am Rosa Parks

I Am Rosa Parks by Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer’s Rosa Parks biography for kids shows us we can all be heroes.

Rosa Parks always stood up for herself, even as a child. It was a time in America when laws weren’t fair to black people: If you were black, you weren’t allowed to use the same schools, restaurants, or even water fountains. On city buses, dark skin meant you had to ride in the back; only white people were allowed up front. But Rosa knew that everyone deserved the same respect and rights, and so she dared to stay seated on a bus one day when the driver told her to get up for a white rider. With quiet determination, she ignited a Civil Rights movement that ended up changing our country’s unfair laws forever.

What makes a hero? The children’s books in this  lively, fun biography for kids series by bestselling author Brad Meltzer answers the question, one great role model at a time.

For more about the series (and for activities for your little ones), go to:  http://www.ordinarypeoplechangetheworld.com/


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