Other Works

Short Stories

The Craziest Kid in the World
The true story of Brad’s favorite game and growing up in Brooklyn. Published in the anthology, The Games We Played, edited by Steven A. Cohen

The Best Seat in the House
The real story of Brad with his volunteer little brother. Originally published in USA Weekend magazine for their Make a Difference Day series

Final Farewell
Brad’s favorite short story he ever wrote. Originally published in USA Weekend magazine for their Summer Fiction series.

An American Lawyer in London
(not far from a Werewolf)  Originally published in Sunday Times in London, after the magazine asked Brad to compare American lawyers with British barristers. Wig-a-riffic!

The Goblin Book
Here’s the one-page Halloween story that Brad did for Half Minute Horrors. Imagine you’re reading it in a book. Scaaaary.


My First Lady
Brad married his high school sweetheart. Here’s the true life story as it appeared in Details magazine.

NEW - Does Fiction Matter?
The Saturday Evening Post asked Brad if fiction mattered. Here’s his response.

NEW - President Ronald Reagan’s Biggest Secret
Here’s the firsthand story of how Brad found out that while Ronald Reagan was President, he sometimes packed a gun. Truth. This one got so big, Brad was trending for it. Trending!

NEW - Top Seven Coolest Secrets of the Secret Service
While researching The President’s Shadow, here’s Brad’s look inside the Secret Service.

Brad’s Trip with the USO 
For ten days, Brad went with the USO to Kuwait and other undisclosed military locations. Here’s the incredible true story of what happened when he came back and said thanks.

Brad has studied all four presidential assassins from John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald. Here’s what they have in common. Originally published in the New York Daily News.

World’s Greatest Teacher
Here’s the story of the teacher who changed Brad’s life. Originally published in Parade Magazine.

Here’s the true story of Brad, his daughter, and the book that was born when she entered his life.

The Day I Broke My Son’s Heart
Truth in a title. Here’s the exact day that Brad gave his favorite book to his oldest son. Originally appeared on Huffington Post.

The President’s Greatest Secret
Read the true story of what happened when a real former US President entrusted Brad with a secret letter he wrote to another President. We kid you not, this is REAL. First appeared on Huffington Post

Heroes For A Day
(The Department of Homeland Security asked Brad to come brainstorm difference ways for terrorists to attack the United States. Crazy, right? Read what happened… Originally published in Newsweek)

Brad’s Favorite Thriller
(It’s the number one question we get. Now you’ll see! Originally broadcast on NPR’s All Things Considered, so you can just hit the Listen button)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation With The Judas Contract
(So many people have asked for it, so here it is: what one reviewer called “my near-sexual fascination” with a comic book character. Please… Wussy critic. It was totally sexual. Originally published in Give Our Regards to the Atom-Smashers.)

How The Book of Lies Was Born
(True true true)

Researching The Zero Game
(Brad’s original piece for The Washington Post. The real story – and where it came from. Oooh…scaaary…)

Researching The Millionaires
(Need we say more? Here’s Brad’s firsthand account of researching this novel. Fun for all ages.)

Advice For the President’s Daughters
(Brad spent almost three years researching First Daughters, which is why USA Weekend magazine asked him to write an advice column for the Bush twins.)

What Brad Thinks of Twilight
(Originally broadcast on NPR’s All Things Considered, so you can just hit the Listen button)

Why I Love Superman
(See where Brad’s obsession started, originally written for USA Weekend)

How Brad Makes A Comic
It’s the third most often asked question we get, so here’s a step-by-step walk through of the creation of the comic that Brad and Gene Ha won the Eisner Award for. Special thanks to Gene as well as Bryan Galatis from Rough Stuff, where this originally ran.

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