What is the Invisible Army?  A spoiler for the next Marvel movie? The next K-Pop sensation from Eastern Europe? Is it a game from the 80s – like Mousetrap – but unlike Mousetrap, you don’t have to end it when someone bumps the table and sets off the trap? 

For twenty-five years now, our readers and viewers have been part of our family. When we made secret decoder rings, the Invisible Army got them first. When we need help voting on a title for the next thriller, they’re the ones we ask. And when we announce the newest hero for the kids book, they’re the ones who hear first. We even took them out for ice cream after a book signing one night. The point is, being part of the Invisible Army means you’re part of our lives here.

How do you become a member? Fill out the form. And welcome home. By being a member of the Invisible Army you'll always be the first to hear about the next great adventure and the next great mystery.

Come be part of the family. Come join the Invisible Army.

Much love,

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