From USA Today

In the belly of the National Archives, in a locked, climate-controlled “treasures vault,” best-selling thriller writer Brad Meltzeris having what he calls “a fun day at work.” Meltzer’s eighth novel, The Inner Circle (Grand Central, $26.99), on sale Tuesday, is set in this magnificent federal building halfway between the White House and the U.S. Capitol, where countless paper and digital records of U.S. history are preserved. The U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are all here, but so are billions of other records, tens of millions of photographs, maps and charts, and miles of motion picture film.

From the Washington Post

“The Department of Homeland Security, given the difficult task of trying to divine al Qaeda’s future methods of attack on the United States, is seeking advice from some unexpected sources these days: futurists, philosophers, software programmers, a pop musician and a thriller writer [guess who?!]…”

Profiles About Jack & Bobby

Presidential SeedlingsOn WB’s ‘Jack & Bobby,’ Two Brothers Will Grow Toward a Special FateBy A.J. FrutkinSpecial to The Washington PostSunday, May 9,...

From the San Diego Union-Tribune

“Half-a-dozen chapters into The Zero Game, a thriller set in (and below) the halls of Congress (and currently No. 9 on the New York Times best-seller list), author Brad Meltzer cheats. That is to say, he breaks a basic, long-held rule of narrative. It’s a sucker punch. It’s grossly unfair. Why, if he’ll do that—and no way am I going to spoil it here—he’ll do anything. It’s impossible to feel comfortable while reading the rest of the book. Which is exactly why Meltzer did it. The Zero Game is, after all, a thriller. ‘I believe the genre is a trap,’ Meltzer, 33, said during a recent stopover in San Diego…”


“You cannot come away from reading a Brad Meltzer book without being just a little smarter…”

The Book of Fate

The #1 New York Times Bestseller From Booklist Wes Holloway, a hotshot presidential aide, is wounded in an assassination attempt that kills the president’s close friend. Eight years later, the dead man reappears, disfigured but very much alive and apparently stalking the former president. Wes thinks he can figure out what’s going on, but to do so he must decipher a two-century-old code and penetrate the secrets of Masonic history. From his first novel, The Tenth Justice (1997), through his sixth, Identity Crisis (2005), Meltzer has served up exciting thrillers that take readers behind the scenes of American politics. The pattern doesn’t change this time. Like the television series The West Wing, Meltzer’s novels focus on the political people the public never sees and tells the stories we never hear. He could be accused here of jumping on the Da Vinci Code bandwagon, but that wouldn’t really be fair. He’s too good a writer to waste his time imitating someone else’s work, and this novel is much more skillfully written—and far more plausible—than Dan Brown’s tedious best-seller. The characters are genuine human beings—not all that common in the world of high-concept thrillers—and the plot fluidly integrates historical fact and fiction, which is even less common. Fans of thrillers that reach far back into history will be, well, . . . thrilled. —David Pitt, © American Library Association. All rights reserved

“Double-crosses, mayhem, a thrillingly tense stand-off, and a cunning twist only a few will see coming. From the first sentence, Meltzer’s thriller grabs hold and doesn’t let go.” —Miami Herald

“The jolts just keep coming.” —New York Daily News

“ROCK-‘EM SOCK-‘EM ACTION.” —Washington Post Book World


“A FAST, EXCITING RIDE.” —Miami Herald

“It gets no better than this.” —





“LOTS OF ACTION…MUCH MORE SKILLFULLY WRITTENAND FAR MORE PLAUSIBLETHAN DAN BROWN’S TEDIOUS BESTSELLER. Fans of thrillers that reach far back into history will be, well thrilled.” —Booklist







The Zero Game

“Meltzer credits 143 people in his acknowledgments, a testament to massive research involving everything from the smallest details of our government’s inner workings to the scientific complexities of chaos theory and advanced neutrino research. He’s far too seasoned a pro (The Tenth Justice; The Millionaires) to ever let readers bog down in minutiae, though, using his impressive background material as rocket fuel for this rip-roaring novel of government intrigue. Best friends Matthew Mercer and Harris Sandler have worked for years as professional Capitol Hill staffers. With boredom and burnout threatening, they’ve joined a secret group of other like-minded workers to play The Zero Game, which uses congressional voting and government administrative procedure as the basis for placing bets. “We don’t change the laws, or pass bad legislation, or stroke our evil goatees and overthrow democracy as we know it. We play at the margins; where it’s safe-and where it’s fun.” The two decide to bet their life savings when a seemingly innocent appropriations item, the sale of an abandoned South Dakota gold mine, becomes part of the game. Because of his senior position as an appropriations committee staffer, Matthew is sure he has a lock on this one. Things go horribly wrong, and soon Harris and Viv Parker, a young Senate page, are on the run, fleeing from hired killer Martin Janos. Their flight takes them to the abandoned gold mine, where they find more mystery and near death 8,000 feet below the surface of the earth. Janos, their nemesis, is relentless, as is the action, and readers will be left breathless.” —Publishers Weekly

“Playing games comes naturally in Washington, D.C. Here Meltzer takes it to new heights.” —New York Daily News

“Rip-roaring…nonstop action.” —Publishers Weekly

“Terrifying…astounds.” —Associated Press

“High-octane suspense.” —Oklahoman

“Unforgettable…explosive…a must-read!” —Exclusive Magazine

“Gives the reader something akin to an electric shock.” —Associated Press

“Another great thriller from Brad Meltzer…a master thriller writer.” —Exclusive Magazine

“An excellent suspense novel…rewarding…It is the first novel in a while to get my heart pounding while I quickly turn to the next page to see what lies ahead.” —Oklahoman

“An exciting novel filled with insider information about the inner workings of Congress.” —Roanoke Times

“Lots of action…packed with plenty of backroom D.C. ambience.” —Booklist

“Suspense…an exciting climax. The story moves along surely and swiftly…provides a convincing look into ‘how sausage is made’ on Capitol Hill.” —Memphis Commercial Appeal

“Relentless…a clever hook…readers will be left breathless.” —Publishers Weekly

“Proves Meltzer is at the top of his game…[A] complex plot, breakneck pacing, well-drawn characters, and shocking twists.” —Exclusive Magazine

“Meltzer writes like a grandmaster of many years’ experience… he has few equals in his ability to ratchet the suspense level to new highs…If you haven’t reserved a bookshelf for him yet, you will soon.” —

“One bumpy entertaining ride! A fine political adventure!” —

“A gripping story…Brad Meltzer gives his readers an inside look at politics—a world where nothing is real [and] power is the ultimate prize.” —

“Relentlessly suspenseful…Meltzer delivers the goods.” —

“A first-rate thriller.” —

“Satisfying. Shows the scary reality of underbelly politics.” —

“Packed with intrigue and double-dealings…The Zero Game is a rare book that actually delivers.” —

The Millionaires

“Meltzer is so good.” —Entertainment Weekly

“A fast-paced thriller…With a playful sense of humor…A classic chase.” —Detroit Free Press

“A giddy thriller…banking, cyber-theft, and Disney World in a fast-paced tale of financial adventure.” —Publishers Weekly

“Meltzer’s The First Counsel was a winner and The Millionaires is guaranteed to score with readers.” —Southern Pines Pilot (NC)

“Meltzer has mastered the art of baiting and hooking readers quickly into a fast-moving plot.” —USA Today

“Good fun…Meltzer, often called the Grisham of financial thrillers, has a knack for keeping a story moving while still throwing in plenty of insider information.” —Booklist

“A wild financial thriller…a Mad Hatter ride leading to the audience singing Brad Meltzer’s praise for an enlightening, exciting, and entertaining story.” —Midwest Book Review

“One critic has predicted that Meltzer would be ‘the next John Grisham’; there’s no need for that, for Meltzer does quite well being Brad Meltzer.” —Richmond Times

“Meltzer is a master of exciting, thrill-a-minute novels, and The Millionaires will not disappoint fans. The Caruso brothers represent two of the most richly drawn characters in novels today…We are given a wonderfully exciting story that consumes the reader through a likable narrator, easy humor, and an enormous collection of surprising twists and turns.” —Sunday Oklahoman

“Meltzer magic…The pages fly by with pulse-pounding suspense and the unraveling secrets chase you to the end.” —BookPage

“The action races at netspeed…satisfying.” —

“Brad Meltzer is rapidly becoming the literary king of rock ‘n’ roll. Those readers who jumped on board with last year’s The First Counsel will be back for this one sight unseen and will be more than amply rewarded…Meltzer, from his first novel, has been quietly but firmly shouldering his way to the front of the suspense pack; on the strength of The Millionaires he may just be the future one to beat.” —

“Incredibly fast-paced…you’ll root for the underdog and try to guess what’s going to happen next. And you’ll be wrong every time. The Millionaires is Meltzer’s best book yet.” —

The First Counsel

“Deliciously hard-boiled prose…pedal-to-the-metal pacing all the way to the climax.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Impressive…fast-paced and suspenseful throughout.” —People

“A book for which the phrase ‘page turner’ was meant.” —Chicago Tribune

“Nothing gets in the way of the adrenaline jolt Meltzer delivers like a master.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Meltzer is fast on his way to becoming one of America’s fiction stalwarts.” —Tampa Tribune-Times

“Move over, John Grisham and David Baldacci. Brad Meltzer’s just elbowed his way into your megastar company.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Ups the ante for legal thrillers with its intricate plot and clever, complex characters. Most impressive is Meltzer’s knowledge of every nook of the White House. With all its grand history and mystery, the mansion comes alive. The White House hasn’t seen this much action since…well, you know.” —People

“Curl up in front of a fire with [this] edge-of-your-seat thriller.” —Cosmopolitan

“The Washington color and scenery and the usual cast of characters take it a step above your average page-turner and will keep you reading until the last startling conclusion.” —Booklist

“The writer’s skill here is obvious.” —Denver Post

“A riveting look at life inside the White House. Meltzer’s book will keep you guessing until the end.” —Greensboro News & Record (NC)

“One critic has predicted that Meltzer would be ‘the next John Grisham’; there’s no need for that, for Meltzer does quite well being Brad Meltzer.” —Richmond Times

“Another winner…engrossing and suspenseful.” —Library Journal

“Meltzer has mastered the art of baiting and hooking readers quickly into a fast-moving plot.” —USA Today “Meltzer’s latest thriller is the kind of book that makes you want to stay up late, get up early, and take a long lunch hour-whatever it takes to find out what happens next.” —Ohio News Journal

Dead Even

“Fast moving. . . . Youth, power turn the pages . . . Dead Even succeeds!” —USA Today

“As he demonstrated in his first novel, The Tenth Justice . . . Meltzer beautifully ratchets up the tension . . . of legal systems under extreme pressure.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Sleek, suspenseful . . . definitely compelling.” —Publishers Weekly

“A book to frighten anyone who believes that matters in the privacy of one’s own home are just that.” —Detroit News

“Races along . . . deftly written . . . haunting.” —Entertainment Weekly

“A gem of a plot . . . so strong . . . breezes along in high gear. Highly recommended.” —Chicago Tribune

“Terrific. . . . Reads like a Tracy-Hepburn movie . . . complete with cliffhangers at the end of every chapter and a truly scary ending.” —Newsday

“[Meltzer’s] got the courtroom-suspense momentum down pat.” —Boston Globe

“Saber-sharpening. . . . A gripper . . . that will have Grisham slapping his wife’s wrist in pique over the breakfast toast when he discovers Meltzer’s plot.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Action like Grisham and nail-biting suspense make this a thriller in the true sense. . . . Recommended for all suspense collections.” —Library Journal (starred review)

“Flush with interesting characters. . . . An easy, fast-paced read. . . . Meltzer is again a vibrant and straightforward storyteller.” —Booklist

“Brad Meltzer does it again with . . . a different twist. . . . The book is well crafted and will hold your interest—just like Grisham’s books, but with a Yankee twang.” —Chattanooga Free Press

“Action-packed . . . a page-turner. . . . Meltzer obviously has another book ready to climb the bestseller charts.” —Oakland Press

The Tenth Justice

“Meltzer has earned the right to belly up to the bar in the company of John Grisham, Scott Turow, and David Baldacci.” —People

“Completely absorbing.” —Vanity Fair

“A hit in his first at-bat!” —Entertainment Weekly

“The behind-the-scenes glimpse into our highest court is fascinating.” —New York Newsday

“Hip. . . . Summer’s first big beach book.” —Glamour

“Meltzer’s plot is well thought out, with a particularly vivid climax.” —The Times (London)

“Meet the next John Grisham.” —Miami Herald

“Inventive . . . fresh . . . thoroughly enjoyable. Chilling . . . told with a flair that belies the author’s youth.” —Washington Post Book World

“There’s an undeniable energy and drive to the story. . . . The dialogue absolutely rings true.” —Christian Science Monitor

“Engrossing. . . . The plot is perfect for a blockbuster movie.” —Library Journal

“A mean, paranoid fantasy that’ll have you turning pages in a frenzy.” —Kirkus Reviews

“An astounding debut . . . the author’s extraordinary legal perceptions will catapult The Tenth Justice to well-deserved claim.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch

“The genre’s next supernova. . . . The legal thriller of the year!” —Swing

“The Tenth Justice reads fast, rings true, and refreshingly breaks the mold of legal thrillers.” —USA Today


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